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Replacement Parts

Using genuine Jandy factory replacement parts helps to ensure the ongoing quality and reliability of our products. Plus, the use of inauthentic parts voids all factory warranties. Inauthentic parts may appear to be suitable on the surface, but they often fall short of factory standards. Don’t compromise on quality – insist on genuine Jandy parts!

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In-Ground Pool Lights

Traditional pool lighting utilized incandescent lights, but today, LED pool lights are the preferred technology due to their durability, performance and efficiency.

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Pool Valves

The most requested swimming pool valve on the market is the Jandy Diverter Valve. Jandy diverter pool valves divert water and are available with two or three ports. A 2-port valve essentially acts as a 1-way-in / 1-way-out valve, allowing for water flow to be shut off completely or to restrict the flow of water for a lower flow rate. A 3-port valve provides more flexibility with one in-port and two out-ports that regulate the direction water flows by either:

  1. Isolating the flow to one pipe
  2. Splitting the flow between two pipes
  3. Restricting / preventing flow from an incoming pipe
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Water Sanitizers

Choose from a variety of products to quickly and easily turn your pool into a clean, clear paradise.

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Heating Solutions

The perfect pool is neither too hot nor too cold. A comfortable and enjoyable 77-85 degrees provides the optimal experience, but depending where you live and what your climate is, keeping a continuous temperature throughout the summer season, or even all year long, will likely require heating your pool.

A pool heater or a pool heat pump are the most common heating solutions that allow you to extend your swimming season. Both enable energy-efficient heating for every budget, and there are various factors to consider when determining which is the best heating solution for your pool.

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Pool Filters

The complete line of Jandy Pro Series filters deliver the crystal clear water you desire, along with unique features for simple and effortless maintenance.

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Inground Pool Pumps

Swimming in your pool is enjoyable.
Swimming in costly energy bills is not.

Jandy inground pool pumps are designed with the latest innovations to provide you with cost-saving operation of your pool year after year.

  • Energy-Efficient Operation
  • Long-Lasting Durability
  • Reliable Performance
  • Easy Installation
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Pool & Spa Controls

Take control of your backyard experience with the most user-friendly, innovative pool automation and control systems on the market. Access pool and spa features via smartphones, desktops, and tablets through the intuitive, & convenient AquaLink app.


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